Titia Bruning

Heart of Home

A place where you can be yourself. Where everyone can be themselves. Where you are seen as you are, not by what you have achieved. A place where others want you to see grow, a place of friends, a place where it breaths ‘let’s do it’ (instead of just being a slogan). A place where it’s about education, but totally different than in most schools: the starting point is ‘you’. Who are you? A school where your heart is highly important, and where it’s all about relations. About human connection.

For me, Titia, to be part of this school as ‘Heart of Home’ is so great! All those things matter to me a lot, and I am always happy to be around. Together with my friend Misrak we take care for the space and cook for everyone around (students, staff, and also neighbours who like to come by during lunchtime).
What I like to give at Knowmads is my own love for the place and the welcoming feeling the school gives to me.

For the ones who read this, are interested in education and entrepreneurship but do not know the school yet: we are a cool space hidden in a suburb. But definitely worth passing by. Welcome home!

Titia Bruning
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