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It’s kinda funny that I work in alternative education. I always fared quite well in the traditional one. Learning academic models and regurgitating was always rather easy for me. Eventually leading to me studying experimental physics. However, after getting my degree I still wasn’t anywhere closer to figuring out what to do with my life. Nor did I have many other skills than analysing the crap out of situation.

Luckily there are some jobs for people with such a “condition”. In my case, that meant becoming a management consultant. But not before working a little in education (teaching math to economics students). That experience left me a bit baffled by the lack of motivation of the students and by the need for the university to comply with targets.

All that led me to – together with friends – start De Universiteit in 2011. A place where people could learn about things they’re passioned about and co-create those learning situations with others. For 5 years now (I’ve left the running of things in the end of 2015), De Universiteit has been organising workshops about all kinds of topics. In Utrecht, where I live. And in Amsterdam, at Knowmads.

When I was asked to join the staff I was immediately intrigued and quickly said yes. After working together for a while I always had a lot of love for the place. And a bit of envy for them to be able to create such a meaningful place for deep learning. Looking forward to be on this ride!

Next to Kowmads, I’m still a creative entrepreneur. With my company Studio George, I aim to inspire curiosity and empower personal development in people and teams. It starts with continuously learning myself. And from there coaching people, hosting workshops and hosting teams.

Tijmen Rümke
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