Saskia Wiebering

I am most happy when I stand with my feet in the mud watching the sunset after a day spend working in nature. That moment where everything is still. I love that silence.

My name is Saskia Wiebering. I am 25 years old. Dutch, enthusiast, honest, kind, direct and a good listener.

I live with my boyfriend and part-time his two boys in Ede, NL. Let me tell you a bit of where my path started: When my dad came back from his first Avatar awareness course, I decided this is what I want! I was 8 years old. I am a good observer and the change I saw in my dad after that course was that he had a choice. He learned in that course that you shape your own reality based on how you view it; based on what you believe. And how to change what you believe. Eight-year-old me saw the effect and wanted to learn that too. I was the youngest one to ever attend that course meant for grown-ups in NL.

Around that time I fell in love with horses. That love never went away, to the point where I am now a certified Centered riding instructor and I professionally help people with trouble with their horses.

But anyways… After a couple of years of doing beliefs-based reality shaping attempts I felt like something was missing. I was at the time a working student in Canada at a horse ranch owned by, as far as I am concerned, the best horse trainer alive now. There we were rehabilitating an abused cowboy horse who had completely shut down and hated people. Within a week of training I saw the entire character of the horse change. We only trained his body. Horses don’t do talking therapy… And because we changed the way he moved his body, his entire character changed. After a week he came to us and made overall contact with the same people he hated a week ago.

When I saw the horse change his mind because we changed his body I knew: that must work for people too. So when I came back to NL I signed up for Rebalancing, which is a three-year school that teaches bodywork, massage techniques, meditation, and overall body awareness. I finished school and now I have my own Rebalancing practice.

Why Knowmads? Well…. I might be a good horse trainer, and a good Rebalancer. What I am not good at is marketing. Making myself professionally-visible in this economy. Attracting clients. My professional goal at Knowmads is to learn the skills and gain the confidence to help other people with my skills. To be able to reach enough people and tell my story in a way that makes people think. Make them wonder. Shake them awake. Inspire them. To be able to make a living by what I love to do most: helping people and helping horses.

Saskia Wiebering
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