Pieter Spinder

Pieter is known for his genuine interest, his welcoming arms, and his entrepreneurial spirit. He has the eye to see opportunities and uses his hands to create businesses. One might call him a entrepreneur whose interest has moved to alternative education throughout the years.

Pieter sparked Knowmads Business School into existence together with a nine-headed team of ex-students and facilitators. As the Knowmads ‘cheerleader’ (spreading his contagious enthusiasm about education based on freedom and empathy) the right people gathered around him. Throughout the following years Pieter offered his entrepreneurial and marketing skills, and his impressive network to help manifest the school.

Now, Pieter’s role as a fire-starter of Knowmads has developed into one of being our flag bearer. Pieter is the one who tells the story of the school. He communicates and lives the belief that everyone is good enough. He focuses on people’s abilities rather than their disabilities. With this spirit he represents Knowmads at events, gives presentations, organizes events, and connects Knowmads to (potential) business partners. Next to that Pieter gives workshops related to topics like entrepreneurship (‘not making a business plan’, the use of business tools like the start-up wheel), coaching (appreciative inquiry), personal value (‘amazing people do not just happen’) and marketing (social media, storytelling).

Apart from his work for and at Knowmads, Pieter is also the coördinator  and facilitator of the minor program ‘Sustainable Leadership & Entrepreneurship’  and initiator & facilitator of the Knowmadic Entrepreneurship Honors Programme at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, Also he is partner at Peoplerise, and Italian based consultancy company where he works together with them on Learning Journeys for corporate clients. He lives in Haarlem with Ruti and his three beautiful kids Jelte, Meïra and Ya’ara, and studies Italian when he’s not busy having coffees or pizza with talented people.


Pieters view on education at Knowmads you can find in the TEDx Haarlem talk here

Pieter Spinder
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