Max St. John

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I’m founder of Wild Things and The Needs Work. I teach people how to connect to their needs, those of others, and turn that into fulfilling work and lives. My mission is to close the understanding gap, inside and between people. I’m working towards a world where everyone feels they matter and belong.
I’ve been working in business for 15 years, from American mega-corps, British banks and Government departments to grassroots charities and purposeful startups. I’ve found that they are all the same in one way – they are full of human beings who work better, together, with more understanding of themselves and each other.

My current interest is education – as I believe self-direction and play are the key to growing healthy adults which will steward the world in the way we all need. – bringing connection and clarity to work and life.
Wild Things: reimagining business for how the world is now.
Max St. John
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