Jord Hilstra


After my study ‘Economics and Business’ at the University of Amsterdam I studied at the Kaospilots Netherlands in Rotterdam. During my 6 years at Knowmads I followed several trainings, as diverse as juggling, sales, genuine contact and two nature quests. Currently I follow a one year course in terminal care besides my work at Knowmads.

Since the beginning of Knowmads in 2010 I’ve taken several roles: guiding students, designing programs, and handling applications. And most of all be a safe haven for students by being their for them and supporting them on their learning journeys.

I believe there is a talent in everyone. Knowmads is a place where these talents are shared. For some people this means (re-)discovering this, for others to truly accept it and for others to shout it out to the world. I want to make sure people see, accept, and embrace their talent. To use it as a starting point to live a truly happy life. A meaningful life. I want to make sure that there is room and opportunity for every individual to use this talent in the group. When those talents are shared, magic happens!

Jord Hilstra
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