Johannes Ebert

Name, age, where are you from?
Johannes, 34, Frankfurt Germany

Why are you joining Knowmads?
I would like to find the essence of myself.

What are your personal goals during Knowmads?
Meeting open people all over the world and learning more about there life; inspiration for me; would like to force my creative skills.

What are your professional goals during Knowmads?
I’m looking forward to all these interesting workshops that are waiting for us. I would like to find own skills, that I can use for my own business.

What makes you you?
I am as I am… Sometimes I’m according and dominant, but I can also be quiet and withdrawn. I love to have and make a good atmosphere with all people around me. My dog Tilda is the best that happens in my life. I like people that would like to chance something in our world and would like to start something new!

What is being a Changemaker for you?
Open to everything new!

I’m so ready for Tribe 17 and looking forward to a fu…ing great time in Amsterdam!

Johannes Ebert
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