Guus Wink


After stepping out of regular education I started a journey that lead me through serving coffee, starting 2 companies, running a guesthouse in China, teaching in Vietnam, working at several art and social organizations in the Netherlands, starting a vegetable garden with homeless people,(co-)founding 2 schools and living and working in 5 different countries.

After my studies at the KaosPilots Netherlands I joined the team to start up Knowmads Amsterdam. Since then I have always been involved in building the school and platform in Amsterdam. After moving to Asia I started Knowmads Hanoi in 2013.
Since the summer of 2015 I am back at Knowmads in Amsterdam, working together with the Tribes and the rest of the staff to create great education and projects to make a positive difference in the world. I love to use my energy and experience to inspire and motivate others to connect to who they are and to find the courage to write their own stories, rather than to follow the beaten path.

Guus Wink
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