Ellen Waenink


As an entrepreneur and coach I work with people and businesses in transformation.

My main areas of focus are leadership development, organizational change, authentic communication and conscious relating. I am on a mission to help evolve more presence, connection and aliveness in professional contexts, using the social technology Circling.

I support people to get closer to themselves and closer to each other because I strongly believe the deeper these connections are, the more trust and inclusiveness is possible and more potential will be expressed. And that this will lead to a better world!

I have worked with all kinds of organizations, like tech start-ups, organizations in the public sector and health care, large corporates and since September 2017 as Tribe Leader at Knowmads. As a Tribe Leader I travel with the students on their journey and support, coach and co-design the educational side of their journey together with them.

Before I was the director of a leadership development organisation working with the Dutch government. In this role I learned a lot about this realm leading to an expertise in leadership and leadership development, with a special interest in the feminine and masculine dynamic and feminine leadership. So I feel resourced, equipped and ready to move up and beyond!

Ellen Waenink
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