Diana Khayyata

My name is Diana Khayyata. I am from Aleppo, Syria. I am joining Knowmads because I want to know myself more and discover what it is that I am passionate about. I am an especially detail-oriented person so I always pay attention to everything around me but I don’t pay attention to details inside me spiritually or physically.

I have a great fear of losing control so I am anxious to know how Knowmads will change me or put me more in contact with my inner peace and facing my fears.

My personal goals during Knowmads is to share my pain in order to inspire and learn, and to gain friends that aren’t afraid of letting themselves go, that have guts and courage to face their fears so I can get to be inspired by them and by the trainers of Knowmads.

Professionally I would like to learn how to react in a work group, how to read people in work and life environments, and how I can work what I love and love what I work.

What makes me me: There is no complete answer to that but I can say part of me is my pain through a lifelong time of fighting rejection, stereotyping, suppression, and being an outsider in my own society. I am a Woman, a Mother, a Divorced person, lived in a conservative culture, lost my children in a court battle for nine years to their father. Fought back to earn my right in studying, working, and empowering myself to manage winning my children back. So my surroundings just said that I am an outsider, different and not accepted, but along the way and after nine years of hard work, detailed pain, not being able to breathe, and more than five rejections in courts in several states, I am now enjoying making memories with my two sons Yahya and Yusser, 12 and 10 years old here in Nederland and am looking forward to passing the experience I will gain at Knowmads to them. Maybe someday they will be in Knowmads too and I will see their pictures hanging on the wall of Tribes and feel proud!

Because of all I mention, I became a believer that in order to become a changemaker, you have to
have consistency, determination, and don’t take NO for an answer.

I will be more than happy to communicate with you for serious or funny matters, on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email, or phone (+31 631783309).

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