Cyrielle Soldani

I’m Cyrielle from Paris, passionate about creativity and innovation!

When I was a child, my dream was to exercise an artistic job to express myself, having fun and making people happy. I take part in this human adventure in line with my state of mind around innovation, sharing, creativity and social well-being. With Knowmads I would like to discover new horizons in social business and digital creative design and start my own project!

I am convinced that with the combination of innovation, technology and humanity, everyone has the power to create a multitude of small “r”evolutions to build the world of tomorrow. I want to explore the link between human emotion and  technology. I believe that all is possible: to launch a Tesla into space, fly over NY with a drone taxi; print a house.

For me it’s essential to align head, heart, and hands, and to work with anybody, anytime, anywhere! 🙂

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Cyrielle Soldani
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