Bram Alkema

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Bram Alkema is a world class speaker on management (marketing, strategy, innovation, customer development). His public speaking is confrontational, interactive, challenging, inspiring, engaging and has been compared with Seth Godin. Bram Alkema currently researches and consults on new lean business strategy paradigms for the international finance industry.

From an interview:
“…I get that a lot. People think I am quixotic, but I rather think of myself as an explorer. I map new business territories. Case in point, the disruptive impact of big data, cryptocurrencies and sharing economy, stuff that will become relevant to the marketing strategy of banks in the very near future. As a professor I want to be able to explain new marketing realities and customer problems, not rearrange the status quo of savings and loans. As a fellow businessman I just like to get my head around what the hell is going on… ”
Bram is a fan of Peter Drucker, Thomas Piketty, Jules Goddard, Seth Godin, Steve Blank, holds an Msc and read Economics, Psychology, and Sociology at Groningen University. For 25 years, Bram Alkema has had two careers in business strategy one in teaching, one as entrepreneur.

As a teacher he is associate professor at various business schools (Beeckestijn) , former dean of the postgraduate programmes of the University of Amsterdam, author of open source childrens’ books for adults, columnist at international magazines, coauthor of 3 management books, speaker at international conferences like The Next Web, Ad:tech, Emerce, TEDx, and international conference organiser (Design for Conversion, Marketing 3, Round Table Friendship Manifesto).

As a successful entrepreneur, business angel, business coach, he is on the forefront of Europe’s new economy industries, such as gaming (IQU, Eximion), content marketing agencies (Media Monks), and in cross border e-commerce (GlobalCollect), bitcoin exchanges, future of Banking (Sign2Pay), persuasion design (science rockstars), customer loyalty (Loyalty Hub).

Bram Alkema
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