Annabel Esman


I’m Annabel. I grew up on a beautiful island in the south of England. For the last ten years I have lived in the Netherlands with my husband and our three kids. Together we live in a world of learning and change. Education plays a major role. My daughter once asked if I would like to talk about something other than education innovation…and the answer? Perhaps, but not right now!

So here’s how I see it: Today’s education systems have made school accessible to incredibly high numbers of learners. Fantastic! Everyone gets a chance. To make that possible, we have predefined the educational endpoints, drawing learners to where we think they need to be.

Education innovation is about maintaining this high accessibility while supporting learners to discover for themselves where they need to be and what they need to get there. I can share my story, my experience, passions and skills and for a while we can walk together, but you are walking your path. It demands honesty, courage and serious personal work from both of us. The teacher isn’t pulling you, you’re not being dragged along, you are learning together.

Every learner is unique (and we are all learners). Every learning journey is unique. This is what makes it so challenging and so exciting. How could I possibly talk about anything else?

Annabel Esman
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