Mercedes Carenzo


Curious and sensitive to life since she was a kid, Mercedes grew up in the beautiful Jujuy in the north of Argentina. After her studies in Public Relations, she decided to leave her comfort zone and her country to start traveling, becoming a Knowmad without even knowing it.
This led her to live in 7 different countries, working in several food-related startups / projects, co-creating and -facilitating the program at Knowmads Hanoi (Vietnam), starting an art-project and lately, space-holding and supporting the participants at Knowmads Amsterdam.
Mercedes has a deep passion for exploring and practicing different ways to connect with oneself, like food, playfulness, art, mindfulness, qi gong and love.
She believes that nourishment (of mind, body & soul) is the foundation for our personal and spiritual growth, and by taking responsibility for this, we will feel empowered to create a positive impact in our own lives, other lives and the planet. She is passionate about supporting others through this learning-process, by offering them tools, care and love.

Mercedes Carenzo
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