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Insight Night

Jan. 30th

Insight Nights are back and better, now at locations around Amsterdam (to be announced where).

Are you ready for a breakthrough?
Attend our creative business school’s *free* themed workshop and leave with all kinds of electrifying insights: about yourself, your dreams, your professional life, and how to get where you want to go.

From 19:00-21:00, Knowmads welcomes you for the workshop, a chat and a drink in which you’re free to ask anything about the 6-month program. Welcome home.
2 dates:
*November 7th
*January 9th

Themes that we will be working with:

  • Starting Up a Project
  • Values
  • Purpose & Direction
  • Developing Ideas
  • Connecting with yourself and others

The theme will be announced closer to the date, so get excited!

Sign-up form coming soon. Only 30 spaces are open. Save the date and grab your place!

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Opening Evening

Nov. 21st & Jan. 9th

Curious about what goes on at Knowmads and what’s possible for you?
Join an Open Evening, November 21st or January 9th (or both!) to find out. We are offering a free workshop for you to get a true Knowmads experience. Meet our alumni, find out the details about our 6-month program and ask any questions you might have.

  • Walk-in: 19:00
  • Workshop & info about Knowmads: 19:30 – 21:00

We’ll have tea, coffee and cookies ready for you. Make sure to let us know you’re coming by using the sign up form (coming soon). We only have space for 30 people.

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Welcome to: A Day at Knowmads

Jan. 18th, 2019

The Knowmads program, condensed into 1 day!

A Day at Knowmads
The full-length program is 6 months, but we are happy to introduce the second ‘A Day at Knowmads’. Here, the most essential parts of the program are distilled into an unforgettable one-day Knowmads experience.

Knowmads is an intensive learning journey about leadership and entrepreneurship for young professionals who want to make a positive difference in the world. During this educational program, participants reconnect with themselves and their dreams and find out how to make them happen. They learn in tribes of like-minded international people and work on their own projects or startups.

The program is designed around the regular program’s five main questions:

  • Who am I?
  • In what world do I want to live?
  • What do I want to contribute/change?
  • How do I create the organization/project to get it done?
  • How do I bring it into the world?

Are you a young professional who wants to make an impact? This one-day Knowmads experience will kick off your journey.

*Lunch is included.
Link to purchase tickets coming soon!

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U.Lab Hub @ Knowmads

**Sign-ups are now closed**

  • 27 October: Community Cafe (co-working session)
  • 8th November: Live
  • 29th November: Community Cafe
  • 13th December: Live
  • 26th December: Community Cafe

What is U.Lab?

Through four live sessions and four community cafes (co-working sessions), you will address today’s challenges in an integrated way, developing and implementing practical solutions. Learn an awareness-based innovation process and brainstorm in a community of changemakers like you to tackle issues you’re passionate about.
U.lab 1x introduces Theory U, a framework and methodology that individuals, teams, organizations, and even larger social systems can use to respond to disruptive change with compassion, curiosity, and courage. U.lab 1x runs for 13 weeks; it’s a MOOC (massive, open, online course) as well as an awareness-based innovation process on-site here at Knowmads.

It is designed for anyone who seeks to affect change and work together towards this goal by:

  • Learning about Theory U;
  • Joining a global community of changemakers;
  • Addressing today’s challenges in an integrated way;
  • Developing and implementing practical solutions to the issues we are dealing with.

Should you join U.Lab?

This is an invitation to all who resonate with this call. You are a social changemaker that wants to make a difference in this world. You want to be a part of a community that comes together, empowers one another, and co-creates. You are eager to learn and develop yourself and you want to be a part of a bigger network that learns and grows together.

The first live session was September 13th.

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