On Ethical Decision Making in Business – by Carlos
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On Ethical Decision Making in Business – by Carlos

In the last few years, companies have changed their aims: We can’t talk about efficiency and efficacy anymore. Nowadays we need to talk ethical organization, ecological organization, and excellent organization too.

How many companies have failed due to unethical decisions? Ethical collapse is one of the largest factors contributing to organizational failure. In my workshop, you will learn to identify the warning signs of ethical collapse and how to manage it.

Companies make decisions constantly; the teams work to achieve objectives. Every collaborator has a life that influences one’s work and one’s decisions.

In this context, ethics becomes the stimulus that makes the difference.

In this upcoming workshop we will work with problem setting, problem solving and decision making. These three steps will be crossed by the relevance of ethics. One will learn to handle communication problems and interpersonal conflicts, always finding the best way. You will have the arguments and the conscience to defend your position and your choice. Tracing the arguments and explaining them is a characteristic of the good leader.

Are you ready?

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