All Efforts to Make a Difference Are Futile

All Efforts to Make a Difference Are Futile

By Floris Koot Co-Founder of Knowmads

Vision from above: True life starts with purpose

You’d love to make a contribution, yet how can anyone make a difference that matters? What can one little person do in the face of overwhelming odds? You believe you should or have even tried. And failed thus far, or lack recognition. So what to believe in? What purpose to follow to give life meaning?

Having a cause gives meaning to your life. So go for it. But whatever your actions, you can’t control the outcome. However hard you work, your cause may be lost. Ideas misinterpreted, resisted or even betrayed. Efforts can get lost in a forest of regulations or very undesired side effects. Others may think your plans are dangerous, outdated or mad. They might be right. Your Ego may hope for recogniztion and rewards for being so good, yet your good intentions may make things worse. Disaster may ruin everything you worked for. Perhaps the best thing you can hope for is a smile. So… Should you give up? No way! Failure and success don’t matter. There’s no finish line. Just start helping. Move attentive and playfully forward to what you meet on the road. Enjoy the journey and see what’s possible.

Once you have accepted this, you are free to live truly, deeply, and playfully.



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