Who are we looking for?

We are looking for individuals, 20-40 years old, who:

  • Want to turn their idea into a reality
  • Want to find new direction in their life
  • Want to (re)discover their skills and talents
  • Want to (re)discover their passions and dreams
  • Have not found their path in other educations
  • Strongly believe in making a positive difference in their & others lives

Attitude is everything
You are open and positive towards:

  • taking initiative & positive action
  • uncertainty, learning & change
  • risk taking & perseverance
  • care for community & spending time with others in good and bad times
  • having a goal, moving towards something
  • self-development, feedback and self reflection

If you feel that you belong to this mindful and creative group, don’t wait any longer and apply for Knowmads Tribe 15. If you are still wandering, spend some minutes watching the story below, and check out more videos on our Youtube channel

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  1. Hinde

    Hi Filippa,

    Very nice movie, I love it thank you for you creativity and art work. 🙂