Tuition Fee, Practical Info & VISA

Here we list all the practical info you need to know when applying for the Knowmads program.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for the Knowmads 6-Month program is €5,900. Some additional travel costs may appear during the year. You will have to find and pay for your own accommodation and living costs.

Have a look at an example overview of the expenses you can expect for 6 months at Knowmads: Money overview Expenses Knowmads.

Living & Getting around

Try to find a place to live before you arrive in Amsterdam. It is not the easiest city to find accommodation but so far for everyone it has worked out in the end. We’re putting together a list of the most useful resources to help you in finding a place.

Also, an absolute necessity, you’ll need a bike for getting around the city. Otherwise, people will look at you funny, you know. Kidding aside, biking is THE way of getting around here. Learn more with this funny video about Happy Cycling that was made by the city of Amsterdam.

For some mental preparation about the food we eat here, here is a video clip with Irish trying Dutch food.

Joining the Knowmads program you’ll get

  • A 6-month program with 30+ workshops and lectures (with a commercial value of around €8.000)
  • Guidance on your personal and group process
  • Real-life experience working on your projects and/or partner projects, realizing your dream
  • A clear(er) understanding of who you really are and what you are capable of
  • A clear(er) picture of your interests in this world and how to create your part in it
  • Training in and working with topics like business design, marketing, personal development, sustainability, entrepreneurship, social innovation and creativity.
  • A Tribe (team) of awesome and like-minded people from around the world.
  • Entry to an international network of trainers and alumni all around the world
  • A key to the Knowmads HQ and lots of coffee, tea & cookies
  • A life-changing experience in Amsterdam!

A sneak-peek of the city:


If you are a citizen from the EU/EEA countries or Switzerland you are allowed to enter the Netherlands without a visa and are allowed to work.

If you are from Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, Vatican-city, South Korea, New Zealand and United States of America you can enter the Netherlands without an entry visa (MVV) for 3 months. You are required to report yourselves at the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) and if you are planning to stay, to file an application for a residence permit for the purpose of your stay e.g. partner, self-employed, employment, study. This will require some extra money, effort and research from your part. Furthermore we strongly advise you to request a residence permit prior to your arrival, otherwise you risk the rejection of the application after settling down in the Netherlands. You are also allowed to be employed when you have an employer who applied for a work permit.

If you have another nationality you always need to apply for an entry visa (MVV) before you enter the Netherlands.

Please bear in mind that Knowmads can not apply for a work permit for you or invite you for a study. The applications for non-EU nationals can be filed for the purpose of self-employment. Under the current regulations it is quite difficult however to obtain such a permit. Therefore we strongly advise you to already start investigating your options in your home country and to file the application after a consultation with Knowmads and with the Dutch consulate in your home country.

Info on Start-up Visa, DAFT Visa and Orientation Year Highly Educated Persons Visa
please download this pdf: Knowmads Visa

Do you have any questions concerning tuition fee, practicalities or visa?

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