6-Month Programme

6-Month Programme

The Invitation

Knowmads-JourneyKnowmads offers you a platform where you can develop yourself into the person you want to be. We provide the necessary knowledge, tools, and inspiration for you to work on your personal projects and to create a positive difference in the world. Join a group of creative talented internationals and learn to cooperate and to embrace different perspectives. We focus on Personal Development, Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Learning by Doing. You don’t only learn a lot but you also get the time, the space and the inspiration to connect with your passion to actually go out and do it. We support you in your individual learning journey and in the realization of your projects with 1-on-1 coaching talks..

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Initiatives and Projects – Making the Change

Besides the program, we stimulate you to work on your own project, business, initiative or desired change. You are encouraged to find a coach within our extended network during your time at Knowmads.
To see the experiences, initiatives and start-ups that started during and after Knowmads click here.
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Flow of the 6 months

Welcome Home Week

During the first week of the program you will experience all that Knowmads has to offer in an intense 1 week program. Expect Tribe (Team)-building, getting to know the school and the network and some kick ass workshops hosted by the current Tribe and staff!

First half – Focus on Personal Development

Investigating, feeling, learning and acting concerning the questions and themes:

Who am I?
Personal Development
In what world do I want to live?
Sustainability & Social Innovation
What do I want to contribute/change?
Personal Leadership

Tribal Time
Making sense of my learning journey, programme reflection and co-creation

Tribe Project
Work together on a project to develop skills and to create positive change in your world.
Nature Quest
Step into an age old tradition by a 24 hour solo time in nature for inspiration, transformation and renewal
Half term presentations
Present what you have discovered about yourself in the past 3 months.

Team Connecting
Building a relationship with your Tribe
Personal Leadership
Find your strengths, understand who you are & how you can shine
Body work, Yoga & Meditation
Develop confidence in your self & tools for releasing pressure in your life
Global Challenges & Opportunities
Addressing current struggles for people, the environment & your place in the world.
Strategic Sustainability
Create a clear strategy towards sustainability
Non-Violent Communication
Learn how to convey your needs & wishes constructively without causing harm.
World of Education
Understanding life long learning and learning itself
Brainstorming and Creativity
Gather ideas and possibilities to co-create personal or group projects
Project design
Build the foundations of your project & put your ideas into a tangible plan


Second half – Focus on Changemaking

Investigating, feeling, learning and acting concerning the questions:
How do I create the organisation/project to get it done?
Entrepreneurship & New Business Design
How do I bring it into the world?
Marketing & Creativity

Tribal Time
Making sense of my learning journey, programme reflection and co-creation

Welcome Home Week Faciliation
Designing and faciliating the first week of the new Tribe, welcoming them home
Personal Project

From idea to reality, build your dream and make it happen in the real world

Social Entrepreneurship
Innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems
Power to Flower & Storytelling
A holistic understanding of your passions, talents & motivation to start doing.
Art of Hosting & Facilitation
Facilitate groups & foster meaningful conversation about complex challenges.
Business Design
How to design a new product, service, or experience
Start up, Business Models & Finance
Get into action and make sure the engine keeps running
Marketing & Sales
How to best convey your project, present it to others and make it influential.
Learning by Doing
Get into action and make things happen!

Final Presentations & Graduation

What did you learn, what did you discover about yourself, about the world, about business and what are your next steps? Present it all in the way you choose to design your Final Presentation. Your programme will end with a smashing Graduation Party hosted by the new Tribe. Expect celebrations, certificates, great food, dancing, candles and tattoos.

Basic Practical Info
Tuition fee

The tuition fee for Tribe 19, 6 months starting March 4th, 2017 is €5,900. Some additional travel costs may appear during the year. You will have to find and pay for your own accommodation and living costs.

Important Dates Tribe 19

Application deadline: February 4th, 2019.
First day Tribe 19 at Knowmads HQ: March 4th, 2019
Summer Holiday: In July. Exact dates to be announced.
Final Day & Graduation Tribe 16: October 4th, 2019.
The 6-month program spans over 7 months. During the 6 months (or 30 weeks), we will work together for 24 weeks at Knowmads HQ.

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