The Knowmads 6-Month Program

The Invitation

Knowmads offers you a platform where you can develop yourself into the person you want to be. We provide the necessary knowledge, tools, and inspiration for you to reconnect to your purpose and work on impactful projects. And you will do so alongside other talented bright minds from around the globe.

Our program focuses on Personal Development, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Learning by Doing.

Here you will find the program framework, building blocks, weekly schedule, possible workshops, and some characteristics of people we are looking for.


The program is guided through 5 main questions that provide an inside-out approach: connecting with your strengths and motivations to then create impact in the world.

Building Blocks of the Program


You go through the program as part of a Tribe – A team of incredible people from around the globe. As you experience your own learning processes & work on personal projects, your Tribe will support, challenge, & lift you up. Often the main learning happens within the Tribe, through developing together & sharing the process with each other.

Program Co-Creation

Our program invites you into a dynamic creation process. Together with staff & Tribe, you will design the program curriculum, choosing from a selection of more than 100 workshops with expert trainers. You know what you want/need to learn to reach your goals, so here is the freedom to get there.

Welcome Home

Knowmads HQ will be the home & co-working space for the student. The Tribe is invited to make it their own. We aim to create an environment in which you feel comfortable to be challenged.


Entrepreneurship is a great way of achieving your dream. At Knowmads we start with that dream. Your (business) plans follow from what you know, feedback from your network, & how you like to do things. One tool we use for this is the StartUp Wheel, an organic approach towards starting a business.

Personal Leadership

For everyone who wants to make a difference in the world, you will discover that change starts from within. This is a journey of letting go of your fears, connecting to the power inside of you, and taking responsibility for yourself. During the year, there is a strong focus on guiding you & your Tribe through this process to total freedom.

Process Design

To make a difference in a group, a company, or just an individual, you need more than just the right facilitation tools. Creating change requires a deeper understanding of groups, decision-making; diversity. Through reflection on your learning & working in a team, you will gain this understanding.

Action-Based Learning

You learn best by doing and sharing. We think there are enough real issues to deal with and work on, so why invent them or take them from books? Students work on real-life projects.


A big part of the education is organizing your own space, curriculum, & business. We don’t believe in tests, marks, rights or wrongs as we don’t see them anywhere in real life. You will make your own decisions, set your own goals, & thus have your own successes & failures. The staff & your peers will coach, question, challenge, guide, & support you.

The Knowmadic Toolbox

You will receive workshops in powerful techniques & inspiring subjects from experts in their fields. We have a vast network of great trainers. Topics range from the following to anything you dare to think up.

Social Innovation & Sustainability

Here you’ll encounter many people who are devoting their lives to social innovation and/or sustainability. Our program focuses both on current problems in society & environment, & on the solutions & heroes that are out there solving them. We look forward to hear your ideas!

Project Design

You’ll likely face similar challenges with any dream or idea that you want to realize. During the program you’ll receive different workshops that deal with these challenges. You will learn how to develop your own tools to help take your project to the next level. There is ample opportunity to apply your skills on assignments and your own projects.

Marketing & Creativity

Once you have an idea for a project or company, there are many different ways of shouting its existence to the world. Different marketers come share ideas about their work; we help you apply it to your case & learn from the experience.


See the brochure here for all the details: what the typical Knowmads week looks like, workshop themes, and what you get for the tuition fee.

Weekly Schedule

Flow of the Program

First half – Focus on Personal Development

Investigating, feeling, learning and acting concerning the questions and themes:

  • Who am I?
    Personal Development
  • In what world do I want to live?
    Sustainability & Social Innovation
  • What do I want to contribute/change?
    Personal Leadership


Tribal Time: Making sense of my learning journey, program reflection and co-creation


Tribe Project: Work together on a project to develop skills and to create positive change in your world.
Nature Quest: Step into an age old tradition by a 24 hour solo time in nature for inspiration, transformation and renewal
Half-Term Presentations: Present what you have discovered about yourself in the past 3 months.


Team Connecting: Building a relationship with your Tribe
Personal Leadership: Find your strengths, understand who you are & how you can shine
Body Work, Yoga & Meditation: Develop confidence in your self & tools for releasing pressure in your life
Global Challenges & Opportunities: Addressing current struggles for people, the environment & your place in the world.
Strategic Sustainability: Create a clear strategy towards sustainability
Non-Violent Communication: Learn how to convey your needs & wishes constructively without causing harm.
World of Education: Understanding life long learning and learning itself
Brainstorming and Creativity: Gather ideas and possibilities to co-create personal or group projects
Project Design: Build the foundations of your project & put your ideas into a tangible plan

Second half – Focus on Changemaking

Investigating, feeling, learning and acting concerning the questions and themes:

  • How do I create the organisation/project to get it done?
    Entrepreneurship & New Business Design
  • How do I bring it into the world?
    Marketing & Creativity


Tribal Time: Making sense of my learning journey, program reflection and co-creation


Welcome Home Week Facilitation: Designing and facilitating the first week of the new Tribe, welcoming them home
Personal Project: From idea to reality, build your dream and make it happen in the real world


Social Entrepreneurship: Innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems
Power to Flower & Storytelling: A holistic understanding of your passions, talents & motivation to start doing.
Art of Hosting & Facilitation: Facilitate groups & foster meaningful conversation about complex challenges.
Business Design: How to design a new product, service, or experience
Start up, Business Models & Finance: Get into action and make sure the engine keeps running
Marketing & Sales: How to best convey your project, present it to others and make it influential.
Learning by Doing: Get into action and make things happen!

Final Presentations & Graduation

What did you learn, what did you discover about yourself, about the world, about business, and what are your next steps? Who have you become? Present it all in the way you choose to design your Final Presentation. Your program will end with a smashing Graduation Party hosted by the new Tribe. Expect celebrations, certificates, great food, dancing, candles and tattoos.

What is your project at Knowmads?

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for individuals, 20-40 years old, who:

  • Want to turn their idea into a reality
  • Want to find new direction in their life
  • Want to (re)discover their skills and talents
  • Want to (re)discover their passions and dreams
  • Have not found their path in other educational paths
  • Strongly believe in making a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others

Attitude is everything.
You are open and positive towards:

  • Taking initiative and positive action
  • Uncertainty, learning, and change
  • Risk taking and perseverance
  • Care for community and spending time with others in good and bad times
  • Having a goal; moving towards something
  • Self-development, feedback, and self-reflection
Practical Information

Tuition fee

The tuition fee for the 6-month Knowmads Program is €5.900. Some additional travel costs may appear during the year. You will have to find and pay for your own accommodation and living costs.

The 6-month program spans over 7 months (one of which is a holiday). During the 6 months (or 30 weeks), we will work together for 24 weeks at Knowmads HQ.

Interested in this life-changing experience?