Corporate Tribe

Reinventing my Team & Organisation

The Corporate Tribe

The Corporate Tribe is a group of people who are looking for a next step in their work. They want to connect more and better with the rapid changes of (business) life. They want to be informed. They want to learn to use new tools. They want to develop themselves and their teams. They want to re-invent themselves.

With renowned, international lecturers and workshop facilitators, you will be supported in making your next step. The programme includes a trip to Italy where you will be visiting 6 companies that have already successfully implemented new ways of working.

Will you take this opportunity to challenge yourself and your team together with people from other companies? Welcome Home.

Topics of the workshops & meetings

  • Theory U
  • Horizontal Leadership in Practice
  • Reinventing my Team and Organisation
  • Design Thinking
  • Working lean – like a start-up
  • Prototyping: From idea to implementation
  • How to become a more Teal Organisation

Who should attend

This programme is designed for change managers who are the leaders of change project teams. This includes organisation development managers, project managers, HR business partners and HR managers, as well as VPs who want to change their teams and or organisation.

Programma Details

September 15th 2017: Kick-Off

@Knowmads Creative Business School Amsterdam; 9.00 – 20.00

  • Introduction of the programme
  • Meeting each-other exercise
  • Co-creating the programme within the frame-work
  • Introduction Theory U – Flavio Fabiani
  • Inspiration talk about leadership Itay Talgam
  • Dinner with Itay Talgam
  • Planning of coaching session Ruti Shalev (2 sessions) for intention setting of this course and coaching during the course

September 20th-22nd 2017: Learning Trip


September 20

  • Visit Peoplerise – a change-making consultancy, padua,
  • Visit Lago a different approach to design padua
  • Visit h-farm in Treviso, a different approach to digital in companies, Treviso,
  • Dinner

September 21

  • Visit Mondora, a b-corp who do software development the Teal way www.
  • Dinner at the business co-working space in Milano.

September 22

  • Visit Openmilano, the new way of (co)-working
  • Visit a company of your choice (to be arranged during the programme)

September 23-24

  • Plan your own weekend

October 20th 2017: Horizontal Leadership in Practice

@Knowmads & KPN Digital HQ Amsterdam

  • Lecture and inspiration as the example of horizontal leadership and reinventing an entire sector.
  • Workshop about your leadership style: What works – What does not?
  • Lunch
  • Visit at KPN digital. Inspiration by Leon Bedaux about his approach on horizontal leadership, self-organised teams; what works and what are the challenges?
  • Workshop on how to make your next step in horizontal leadership: what tools can we use; what are possible next steps in my organisation? Facilitated by Alessandro Rossi and Jake Esman
  • Dinner

November 24th 2017: Design Thinking

@Design Thinker Academy Amsterdam; 9.00 – 20.00

What is it and how can I implement it in my team or organisation?

  • Introduction and inspiration about designThinking by Arne van Oostrom of Design Thinkers Group
  • Designing your own prototype of change: new way of working – product design or service design with Jeroen Spoelstra
  • Dinner

December 15th 2017: Co-Evolving

@Knowmads Creative Business School Amsterdam; 9.00 – 20.00

  • How to evolve the learning from this course into a continuous process in my team or organisation?
  • Getting Things Done in an inclusive way by Alex Falk. How to merge the last 5 meetings into a continuous process? how do I reflect on my experience and learnings? What can we do as a group to support each other in the future?
  • Lunch
  • Presentation of de superpromotor by Rijn Vogelaar about how to include people in your team – how does one do this?
  • Dinner and goodbyes

Programme Highlights

Building a Real Life Compelling Case for Change

focus on how companies can build their case for change and articulate and implement expected outcomes for the change programme.

Developing and Managing the Change Plan

Focuses on research backed models to craft a holistic change plan across work streams and key activities.

Engaging Stakeholder

Shares methods on how to identify relevant stakeholders, assess their needs and craft effective engagements to ensure commitment and support of the change campaign.

Execute Change Activities

Draws best practices of change interventions from real work examples on how not engage, inform and energise stakeholders at various levels.

Tracking Change Effectiveness

Explores the methods of measuring and reporting change progress, organisational readiness as well as determining how well the desired outcomes of the programme have been achieved.

Transitioning to a Sustainable Business Model

Focuses on the latter phases of a project to determine the required activities to ensure change behaviours are maintained.

Visit Real Life Examples in Italy

Visiting real-life examples of change projects and companies who are working accordingly the tools of this programme day by day and are successful in doing so.

Knowmads Creative Business School

takes a progressive approach to pedagogy that emphasises head (knowledge) heart (feeling) and hands (action). In this programme we bring together the best of facilitators to em- power the attendees on the academic and practice-track. We use different methods to support a learning journey that guarantees a rigorous real-world learning experience.


Our Integrated Learning Process Emphases

Interactive Discussions

Experiential Learning

Action Learning


Case Studies

Toolkits & Framework

Coaching & Mentoring

Role Plays

Peer Learning

Programme at a Glance


To register for the programme, apply by sending an e-mail to:

Programme Fees

€ 9.500,- including flights, accommodation and catering on 20-22 September in Italy (Padova and Milano).


Knowmads Creative Business School Amsterdam

Italy: Padova, Treviso and Milan

KPN digital headquarters Amsterdam


For further enquiries, please contact: Pieter Spinder +31 (0) 6 814 90 700

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