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From Copenhagen to Amsterdam by Johanne Tribe 14

A building
that is messy
but a home
for 120 pictures on the wall
and rats, cats and what ever comes along

that are difficult, deep and directing

that are inspiring, insightful and interacting

Reflect, reflect!
that is the way we digest
but a bit too much after the quest?

A tribe

that are diverse and seeks cohesion learning from each other
seeing themselves in the other

Creating a tribe
that is not an easy task
endless discussions in circles
getting dizzy and irritated
but tribal time is not underrated
look how far we come
look what we created

that is creative and fun
self motivation
self organisation
not aiming to become something
but to become someone

Learning for life
gathering the pieces of the puzzle
connecting all the threads
finding my ikigai

Written by: Johanne Mellergaard Tribe 14

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