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We cooperate with Peoplerise Srl consultants, Italia, where since 3 years the core Dutch team is made up of Jake Esman and Pieter Spinder. Peoplerise and Knowmads are transforming together into a platform where we can facilitate learning journeys for students in an education setting and for professionals in a corporate setting.

Our starting points are:

Love – People – Friendship – Value – Action

We facilitate executive teams in challenges ranging from change programmes to sustainability and innovation projects. Building learning communities is at the core of what we do. We aim to develop long-term relationships with clients in order to make a sustainable contribution to their ambitions.

We accompany our clients on their journey so that we can co-create what they require. All the wisdom is always in the company. The way to unlock this wisdom is to engage Head (cognition), Heart (feeling) and Hands (action). It is our way of empowering people to act according to what they think, feel and want to do.

A selection of our clients:

A leadership Journey for the EMEA Operational Management Team of Electrolux – with PeopleRise. For an impression click here.electrolux

DECATHLON Belgium: an inspiration day at Knowmads Business School in Amsterdam.


Knowmads Consulting organized a two-day Design Thinking Masterclass with Nora Bateson, D-Schule/HPI, Design Thinkers Academy and AmIaDesigner.

Together with Team Academy we organised two conferences about innovation in education. A short impression here.

If you would you like to to meet us for a cup of tea or coffee to find out who we are, what we do and what we can grow together, please contact us:

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