We educate changemakers


Our students have started several companies either during or after their time at Knowmads. We are proud to present them here.

  • logiclocks.logo


    Logic Locks presents Amsterdam’s oldest escape room –a real life game where you have sixty minutes to escape from a room filled with riddles and mystery. This is not for the faint of heart or slow of mind: become the main … Continue reading

  • GoMAD-BN

    Go Mad

    A freedom consultancy company started by Neza Krek, Laura Neefjes, and Kristin Higy of Tribe 5 from a project created during their Knowmads year. Go Mad works with people who want to expand freedom in the way they work. Through … Continue reading

  • Convertibles logo groot


    Convertibles is a workplace consultancy. We make one discipline out of change management and spatial design. We use space design as a means to drive positive behavioral change for large companies. As Chris Flink from IDEO put it. “Space is … Continue reading

  • logo co-pilots


    Co-Pilots was co-founded as a Social Innovation Consultancy by Roy Captijn and Ditte de Graaff. They started their business in April 2011 and was later continued by Roy Captijn from June till December 2012. During these two years Co-Pilots developed … Continue reading

  • Drop-In Logo


    Marianne Slegers started Drop-In with Mike de Bruijnesteijn, but has now continued with Kristin Higy from Tribe 5. Drop-In empowers people who feel stuck in their lives, thoughts or patterns. They facilitate and initiate the unleashing of your power you have … Continue reading

  • logo bite me

    Bite Me

    Jonas Grøn, Anastasia Dimitriadou and Marlies van Duijn has started Bite Me! Bite Me offers good food, good people, good fun & good creations with the goal of making food social. They cater for meetings, social events, give workshops to … Continue reading

  • brave new friends logo

    Brave New Friends

    Franziska Krueger started the company Brave New Friends. With a preference for projects within the creative industries and education, Brave New Friends is a personal playground and test lab for both commercial and non commercial projects, often in collaboration with other … Continue reading

  • LogowithSubline

    Modelminds by Oscar & Manuel

    ModelMinds is an Amsterdam-based participation consultancy. Create group clarity, engagement, and results with visual facilitation. Thet stand for a more democratic, sustainable, and inclusive world. website: facebookgroep:!/ModelMinds twitter:!/modelminds.    

  • sites_de_relacionamento

    Yellow Co

    Natasha starting her revolution in collaborative design At Yellow Co we do design differently. We have no employees, but a big team of collaborators. We are a platform that brings independent Brazilians designers to market. We value innovation and creativity, … Continue reading