The Big Things That Will Happen in 2018
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The Big Things That Will Happen in 2018

2018 continues the explosion of everything we’ve seen since the turn of the century: technology, economy, social change, population growth; coupled with accelerating environmental and ecological collapse.

But we’re doing stuff about it! We’re bringing about future right now. What a time to be alive.

Check out what’s slated to happen this year in tech in a beautiful video by science communicator Hashem Al-Ghaili:

Some of the most notable things:

1. A vaccine for type 1 diabetes will begin human trials

2. The world’s population exceeds 7,600,000,000 people.

3. Bitcoin price hits $60,000 per coin

4. Scientists will drill into the Earth’s mantle for the first time

5. World sales of electric vehicles will reach 5,200,000

6. New Zealand will shut down its last large coal-fired power generators

7. Several complex surgeries will now be performed by robots.

8. There is now 1 wifi hotspot per 20 people.

9. Polio is largely eradicated globally.

10. Science will begin to test anti-aging techniques on humans.

11. Singapore will stop adding cars to the roads.

What does NY Post think will go down in 2018?

12. Digital detoxes will be the new thing. Bosses will ban gadgets from meetings, and restaurants will ban them from meals (Cutter, Soper, 2017).

13. AI will help you write a book or craft a speech (Cutter, Soper 2017).

And Forbes?

14. Moderate world economic growth is predicted for next year, but India will surge. The Indian economy is predicted to balloon 7.4% next year (Forbes Editors, 2017).

15. Puerto Rico makes an energy comeback. According to Fortune, after Hurricane Maria “The devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico leaves the field wide open for entrepreneurial experiments” and will kick-start a global renewable revolution in which 100% of energy is from wind, solar, or nuclear (Fortune Editors, 20 Nov. 2017).

The moral of the story: We are making progress, there’s room for everyone’s expertise, and WE NEED MORE CHANGEMAKERS!

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