Ballsbridge College Dublin at Knowmads for 2 weeks
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Ballsbridge College Dublin at Knowmads for 2 weeks

Knowmads opened its doors last week to nineteen students from the Irish Ballsbridge College. They began a two week work placement opportunity with five innovative startups, Lemonaid, Over the Moon, Thomas & Charles, Bord & Stift and Logic Locks.

The purpose of this program is to expose the students to working life as well as giving them the tools and skills to function effectively in the workplace. The students have been working on a number of activities and are in full swing in their work, finding a space for a guerrilla marketing stunt, creating storyboards for societal issues and up-cycling drink crates and bottles.

We have seen individuals grow in confidence and boldness of ideas over these eight days and we are really looking forward to seeing their final presentations to their companies.

It’s also been quite an adventure for some, particularly the heavy meat eaters and those on their first visit to Amsterdam. We’ve heard things like ‘what’s an aubergine’ and ‘that’s the third time I’ve been lost on my way back from getting a kebab’, creating some amusement for the Knowmads Tribe members.
The Knowmads way of working, which involves a lot of creating your own answers and actions has challenged and inspired the group. It has been a lot of fun and connecting as a group also, especially starting and ending the days together, the energizers and the mini-morning-rave to wake up in the morning and to start the day with energy!

We have had highs and lows, with moments of focus and motivation and others of group conflict and despondency but the learning out of comfort zones has been eye opening for the students.

With just three days to go, we hope they will be able to harvest clearly this wonderful experience at Knowmads, as well as presenting their projects successfully to their clients. 

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