Art of Hosting

3-day intensive training, September 14-16

What is needed to step into my own leadership to contribute to the greater whole? How to host radical innovation and host myself along the way?

NB: The training has happened and was a big success. Harvest with pictures will show up here later.

Join our students at Knowmads in a three day training in the Art of Hosting from September 14th to 16th. There is space for 10 extra people, so be quick!

What is Art of Hosting

The Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter is an approach to leadership using personal practice, dialogue, facilitation and the co-creation of innovation that scales up from the personal to the systemic to address complex challenges that we face in the world today.

It’s an emerging set of practices for facilitating group conversations of all sizes, supported by principles that: maximize collective intelligence; welcome and listen to diverse viewpoints; maximize participation and civility; and transform conflict into creative cooperation.

The Art of Hosting is known as a highly effective way of harnessing the collective intelligence and self-organizing capacity of groups of any size. The Art of Hosting consists of a mixture of powerful conversational processes to invite people to step in and take charge of the challenges facing them.

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The Training

This is NOT a training where you’ll sit back and listen. You are invited to actively engage in conversation and to harvest conversation into meaningful action. And even to host and design parts of the training with us.

You’ll learn and use the innovative tools and practices of the Art of Hosting. Tools like these include:
★Circle Practice
★World Café
★Appreciative Inquiry
★Collective Story Harvesting
★Open Space
★Designing for Wiser Action

We’ll dive into the mental models and structures that underpin the Art of Hosting. These include:
★Chaordic Path & Living Systems
★The 4-fold practice
★8 Breaths of Design
★Chaordic Stepping Stones

Our Hosting Team

Our hosting team consists of Jan Hein Nielsen, Lucy Herlaar, Maaike Boumans, Joost den Boon and Tijmen Rümke.

Lucy Herlaar
partner in Herlaar Business Coaching

She is an experienced business trainer, coach, and foremost, observer. Once she shares her observations you will experience a new perspective. Her subtleness and audaciousness combined with her extraordinary gifts in graphic visualisation will truly enrich your experience of this training.

Jan Hein Nielsen

He has been working in the field of systemic organisational change and development since 1995. He has made it a core competence to implement participatory governance and practices in organisations, by enabling them to step into a type of leadership that is about co-creating collaborative and innovative solutions.

He brings experience with diverse organisations – public, private sector and NGOs. He is co-founder of The Art of Hosting and The Flow Game, and is the author of a book on the process of innovation, Idea Development – from Head to Hands.

Maaike Boumans
MSc Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability

Maaike works as a host and trainer worldwide in various contexts and specialises in leadership and sustainability, assisting business and community leaders in creating positive societal change. Her work is rooted in new ways of learning, organising and working together around issues that matter. As an experienced Art of Hosting facilitator Maaike will invite you into a world where you experience the value of language, harmony, silence, beauty and balance.

Tijmen Rümke
Knowmads & Studio George

With his company Studio George, he aims to inspire curiosity and empower personal development in people and teams. Art of Hosting is an integral part of how he creates the foundation and processes that allow people to learn. He’s been involved with AoH since he co-founded De Universiteit in 2011, a community where people empower each other in learning.

Info for Joost will follow soon.

For who?

We’re inviting you to join our students in this in-house training. We’ve got space for max 10 others to join! We think this will greatly enrich the training. And it is a great chance for you to meet our students and experience our school for change makers.

So social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, professionals, teams, NGO and development workers, community leaders and program managers, corporate innovators and consultants, be quick to register!

Find more information about previous trainings here:

Register now to join. You will receive payment details upon registration.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Practical Information

Dates: Wednesday September 14th – Friday September 16th 2016.

Time: All days are from 9:00 to 18:00. Make sure to keep the evenings of the Wednesday and Thursday free for preparation and impromptu program elements.

Location: Knowmads Business School, Ferdinand Huyckstraat 64, 1061 HW Amsterdam.

€295 for students;
€495 for NGO’s, individuals and freelancers;
€795 for corporates.
(All prices exclude VAT. And include training, lunch and refreshments.)