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If you want to apply for one of our programs mail: or fill in the form on the right side.

Please note: Our next open day is on 23rd of May 2015

Here’s what you need to know for our full time Knowmads one year Program:

Tribe 12 will start on August 31st 2015. If you would like  to join this tribe of amazing people then  then please follow these steps:

1. Fill in and submit the form on the right hand column of this page.

2. We will send you an application assignment

3. Fill it out and send it back to us within twenty days.

4. After carefully reading your form we will invite you for a Skype chat or if you are near us an in person meeting.

5. If we think you are a good match for Knowmads, we will invite you to our “Welcome Home Workshop starting August 12th” (18 SEATS)

6. Finally, after joining our three day workshop you can make your final decision to join Tribe 12.  



What is it: It is a 3.5 day workshop- an important start and introduction to  your Knowmads year. The workshop is designed to do many things and hopefully answer these questions:

what is knowmads?, how do we learn?, how do we teach?, how do we grow together?… what will happen during  the year?,   who will be your future tribe mates?, is Knowmads the right thing for me to join?.

Dates: Starts the Evening of the 12th of August 2015 and ends in the morning of the 15th

Costs: 195EUR (the costs will  cover all your expenses: your stay, facilitation, food…)


While the Welcome Home Workshop is not obligatory, we highly recommend attending as it is a great opportunity to decide if Knowmads is a good fit for you. Also the 18 who do attend will be given priority to join the Tribal year. If you are unable to attend we can arragne meetings with staff or even potential tribe 12 students at a later date to see if it is a good match.



Open day: 23rd of May 2015

Welcome Home Workshop: 12th-15th of August

First day of the Tribe 12 year (First day at home) : 31st of August, 2015

GIVEN: Missing both the Welcome Home workshop and the First Day at Home is not accepted.


If you  have any questions feel free to ask at We’re looking forward to hearing from you. You are welcome to come and visit Knowmads at any time – just drop us a line.


The application team; John (Tribe 11), Jaron & Kim (Staff) and Nastja & Laurens (Tribe 11)

Click the links for more information about  VISA and Amsterdam. Follow us on Facebook and read the Knowmads Tribal Year Prezi with all the ins and outs about our year.

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