Alumni Startups

Stories of experiences, initiatives and start-ups by Knowmads.

Tribe Startups

Our students have started several companies and initiatives; either during or after their time at Knowmads. We are proud to present them here.

Tribe Testimonials

Read what former students had to say about their time here at Knowmads.

  • Testimonial

    I learned to step into my own power and create

    Kristin Higy (USA),

    Let’s start with chaotic, confronting, and a whole new way of looking at the world. Knowmads is a place where you can be completely honest and truly be yourself. I now know how to work with my fears and limiting beliefs because my level of awareness with myself and the world around me greatly increased. Throughout my year I defined what business meant to me and shaped my own way of doing business. I would say the best thing about Knowmads is how I learned to step into my own power and create anything I want in the world.

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    A safe space to try uncomfortable things

    Duy Vu Dinh (NL),

    Next to all the tools I’ve learned to start up a business or other creative projects, most important was my personal development. Because of the safe environment created by Knowmads, you will be encouraged to try things out. Get out of your comfort zone and learn how to fail and learn how to stand up again. It’s something you can’t describe, it’s something you need to do.

  • Testimonial

    I’m doing business from a personal perspective. There’s no way back.

    Bas Pastoors (NL), Co-Founder Wicked Grounds Amsterdam

    My life has changed and my painting has colour now. No way back. Doing business from a personal perspective. I am a Knowmad, a highly trained professional in the new worlds economy. I mastered topics in the fields of: business modelling, art of hosting, sustainability, group processes, sales, marketing, deep democracy, non-violent communication, social media and personal branding. And my departure point will always be my own motivation and drive.

  • Testimonial

    4 seasons in a Knowmads Program

    Wieneke Berthe Olthof (NL),

    I think I can recognize 4 parts within my year at knowmads. There was the well known honeymoon phase in the beginning, when everything was great, everything was possible, everyone was nice and a new way of living opened its doors to me. Then came the winter months, with their natural tendency to make a person look inwards, instead of outwards. After the winter came a new beginning, with new choices, and the last part was all about trying to shape these choices.

  • Testimonial

    A crazy, chaotic, inspiring and kick-ass year

    Christian Sextl (DE), Coach at Knowmads Hanoi

    For many years, I carried big ideas and dreams of a different life within me. But I struggled to put them into action, and was in danger of giving up and following the beaten path. Fortunately, I came across Knowmads. This crazy and chaotic, intense and beautiful, inspiring and kick-ass year charged me with the superpowers that I need to live this extraordinary life: being able to face and overcome struggles, fears and doubts that come up when you realize your dreams. Also, working with international teams, being flexible and adaptable, leading, inspiring, connecting with myself and others on a deeper level – without my experiences at Knowmads, I wouldn’t be where I am today. My big thanks to all you amazing and lovely people!

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