How Would Alumni Define Knowmads?
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How Would Alumni Define Knowmads?

What is Knowmads? No, not its definition as a creative business school. What does it mean to each individual that passes through these doors 3+ times a week, for 6 months? How do they use it?

Within the framework of workshops and reflection, something interested starts happening. People start transforming. And you can see that through their thoughts here. Each definition contains within it an implied sense of movement. Nothing is static, nothing is stationary. Evolution.

We polled our alumni on what Knowmads is. Here’s a sampling of what they gave us.

A life-changing experiment.

A community of changemakers.

Knowing your inner truth.

Tribe 15, a learning trip to the dunes

A place to discover yourself and the (your) world. Someone once told me, which I much agreed with: “A place where you’re gonna have to ask yourself questions you didn’t really want to answer, but that are important questions that [will] stick with you for the rest of your life”.

Midterm presentations Tribe 15

Changemaker hub where everyone can be their true self.

A crazy place with crazy people.


Tribe 16 all together!

A space to reconnect with yourself by chasing your curiosities, and then let the seeds grow and mature into a sudden subtle *knowing* of your life direction.

A wonderful community with a big network.


Tribes 14 & 15

A place where you feel safe to be yourself and aren’t afraid to fail.


A quiet moment during the break

It’s a place to be taught nothing and given nothing. Where nothing is demanded of you and you can demand nothing. In this vacuum of life that is enticed with the spirit of curiosity – to learn about yourself, the world and others. Where education becomes again a tool to explore and not the purpose. Then you can see yourself for who you are and make meaningful connections to yourself, knowledge, and people. If you manage to let go in this chaos, you will find serenity.

How do you define Knowmads?

(If you feel called towards a transformative learning journey of your own, you are welcome to join A Day at Knowmads for a taste of the 6-month program. Or apply right now for Tribe 18 which starts in September)

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