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Knowmads Business School Amsterdam

Knowmads is a non-formal creative business program focused on self-development and entrepreneurship for young professionals who want to make a positive difference in the world.

This 6-month journey challenges participants to co-design their own curriculum and create actionable projects. It is the perfect launchpad for dreamers, thinkers, and do-ers to create lives of meaning and purpose.

We call our participants Knowmads. A Knowmad is a nomadic knowledge worker: a creative, resourceful, and innovative person who can work with almost anyone, anytime, anywhere. Knowmads students come from all over the world to learn, to get to know themselves, to uncover their strengths, and to become the leaders and pioneers of positive change.

With over 100 alumni and a large network of coaches, facilitators and professionals, Knowmads is a community of people taking action to lead impactful lives. Many engaging projects are born from the tools, insights, and passions the students discover during the program (check out startups by our alumni here).

Knowmads HQ is in Amsterdam where programs start twice a year. Shorter program are also run from our school in Hanoi, Vietnam.


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Why: Our Vision

Knowmads Business School contributes to a world in which we learn to get to know ourselves and work from our strengths. It’s a world of proactivity, a world where we see and take opportunities. In this world we dare to take risks and work on our biggest dreams together with passion and energy.

Current education opportunities don’t always prepare us to become these people. This is why Knowmads was created. We offer a place where participants can learn to dare, trust, and step onto the road to what is most important to them. We offer a place where hope, needs and aspiration can be turned into a meaningful, thriving life and business.

At Knowmads, you become part of a global network, attracting bright minds, purposeful assignments and ideas for a better world.

How: Our Principles


Human-Centered is about being aware of who I am; dreams, patterns, beliefs and effects. It is about understanding myself so I can live and work in a sustainable and grounded (centered) way.


Action-Orientated is about movement; dynamism. We want to have a positive impact on the world and that starts from our own actions. Rather than reacting to everything that comes my way, I work pro-actively from my own ground and skills.



Head-Heart-Hands have three kinds of energy: head (thoughts/intellect), heart (passion/connection), and hands (action). I need all of them at different times. Life and work are a balancing act of these three energies, about knowing which one I need to support each process.

Open and Appreciative Communication

Open and Appreciative Communication is the willingness and skill to value what is there in any given situation. I (might) have judgments and I see that those judgments are my own projections. In communicating openly about this, I connect to myself and others. This is how I appreciate our connection. This is how I create real understanding.

Power to Choose

Power to Choose: When aligned, my choices empower me. They energize my entire life. The choices I make create the path I walk. I make conscious decisions – This is how I take responsibility for myself and my actions.


Magic, Shine, Flow: Stepping into the unknown is about trusting that control is only one aspect of life. There’s also the magic that can happen when you let go. It humbles me in knowing that I cannot (and do not need to) control everything. When I lean into and work with the unknown, whatever happens is what needs to happen.


What: A Business School?

Knowmads: “Knowmads are nomadic knowledge workers. Creative, imaginative and innovative people who can work with almost anybody, anywhere, anytime.”

Business: All businesses are created and run by people. Therefore, being able to connect, to effectively communicate, to inspire and to collaborate with others is what we see as the core of business.”

School: From ancient Greek: “Time held for yourself”. Leisure time to use for learning & important life insights. Not job skills, but insights that help you understand who you were and who you might become in an examined life.


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