One night in the summer of 2009 a group of entrepreneurs and educators sat together on a boat in Rotterdam. Their wish was to combine years of experience and experiment in creating the best possible education.

Pieter Spinder took the lead as our fire-starter. His contagious vision on education, an education built on love, action, and leadership spread. Friends joined him and everybody contributed from their expertise: companies, students, teachers, and coaches. In a series of network meetings the colors and flavors of a new one-year education was born.

That night on the boat the platform ‘Knowmads’ was born. And in February 2010 we opened the doors for our first tribe of students. Our first students came from all corners of the world: South Korea, USA, Brazil, Swiss, Germany and Netherlands.

After two months the first assignment came in: KLM had a challenge that they wanted the students to work on. Soon the second assignment followed for Royal Haskoning. Are you curious how the story continued? Read more about us on our blog.

And the story continues. Knowmads is constantly changing, we ‘educate changemakers’. Everyone involved, students and council, have an influence on the organizational set up, the program, the building and the direction we are heading to. Constantly balancing between a healthy balance of chaos and order.