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    Creative International Business School

    At Knowmads Business School, we educate young creative entrepreneurial spirits in a 6-month program that challenges students to create their own education and projects. We are a platform for people who want to make a positive difference in the world. We believe it is our job to enable, facilitate, empower and inspire our students to become change makers.

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  • The 6-month Program

    Our program is designed to take you on an inspirational learning journey. The first 3 months focus on you, your impact on others, your strengths, your views and your ambitions. The second 3 months are about your impact, developing ideas, making action plans and turning your dreams into reality.

    We see our program as an offer to invite our students into a dynamic creation process that includes individual learning wishes, collective needs and our suggestions of methods and ideas.

    The Program

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    Knowmads offers you a platform where you can develop yourself into the person you want to be. We provide the necessary knowledge, tools, and inspiration for you to work on your personal projects and to create a positive difference in the world. By working in a team, you learn to cooperate and to embrace different perspectives. We focus on Personal Development, Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Learning by Doing.

    You don’t only learn a lot. But you also get the time, the space and the inspiration to connect with your passion to actually go out and do it. We support you in your individual learning journey and in the realisation of your projects with 1-on-1 coaching talks.


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    Next to our program, we offer loads of open events. Getting ready to kick-start 2018? Then sign up for our webinar on the 4th of January to start the year with more clarity and intention. If you’re in Amsterdam make sure to join us on the 10th of January for our open evening.

    Go to our Facebook page to see our full program of events. We have anything from WTF-Lectures to workshops with topics ranging from personal development to changemaking. All with the Knowmads DNA. Visiting one of our event is a great way to get a taste of Knowmads and find out what our school is all about.


  • Open Evenings

    Thinking of applying but want to get to know us a bit better before you do? Want to find out what Knowmads is all about? Join us for an upcoming Open Evening at Knowmads HQ to learn more about why we do what we do, and how we co-create education with our Tribes of students.

    Next up is our first of year Open Evening on Wednesday the 10th of January. We will host the workshop “Why Wait, Start Now” to give you a smashing start to the new year and of course, answer any questions you might have about Knowmads. Find out all you want to know about our school. See you there?

    Open Evenings

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