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    International Business School

    At Knowmads Business School, we educate young creative entrepreneurial spirits in a 1 year program that challenges students to create their own education and projects. We are a platform for people who want to make a positive difference in the world. We believe it is our job to enable, facilitate, empower and inspire our students to become change makers.

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  • The Program

    We see our program as an offer to invite our students into a dynamic creation process that includes individual learning wishes, collective needs and our suggestions of methods and ideas. Students will be actively engaged in the design of their own program.

    The Program
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    The History of Knowmads

    One night in the summer of 2009 a group of entrepreneurs and educators sat together on a boat in Rotterdam. Their wish was to combine years of experience and experiment in creating the best possible education.

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What is a Knowmad?
A knowmad is a nomadic knowledge worker –that is, a creative, imaginative, and innovative person who can work with almost anybody, anytime, and anywhere.

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